“…a voice that can leave you hanging onto every word.” —TheJazzPage.com

A sensitive song stylist with a deep reverence for the lyric, Audrey Martin sets the tone with a mix of lush, soulful ballads and swinging jazz standards.

At its best music can heal the sick and soothe the soul, refresh the spirit and embolden the meek. Vocalist Audrey Martin experienced first hand the power of a song to provide hope and emotional sustenance in the darkest of times. With her captivating debut album, Living Room, the Berkeley jazz singer shares a lifetime of wisdom with a highly personal repertoire that gracefully encompasses gems from the American Songbook and treasures from pop and jazz singer/songwriters such as Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Abbey Lincoln and Blossom Dearie. Living Room was released in August of 2014.  Read More

About the CD
Audrey Martin Living Room

For some jazz singers, a song is a point of departure, a launching pad for extended improvisational flights with a band of fellow explorers. For Audrey Martin, songs are revelatory texts ripe for interpretation. Not every song, mind you. In building her repertoire, the Bay Area singer has gathered a treasure trove of material that resonates with her on a bone-deep level. Living Room, her consistently inspired ballad-centric debut album, finds Martin delving deeply into a highly personal array of material with a particular focus on groundbreaking women artists like Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Abbey Lincoln, and Blossom Dearie.  Read More
















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